Tips For Staying Positive When Dealing With Adversity

Tips For Staying Positive When Dealing With Adversity

Nobody experiences success without facing some challenges. Life very rarely gives you what you want; instead, it demands that you overcome problems to achieve your goals and start turning your dreams into reality. If you strike a rough patch and find yourself faced with serious adversity, you may find the following advice helpful. If you approach them with the right attitude, challenges can make you into a stronger, more resilient person.
How Adversity Can Hurt

* From the frightening news on TV to the co-worker who can’t stop gossiping, there are endless sources for negativity in your life. It’s impossible to avoid it, but you can control it.

* This is what adversity means: Dealing with an unexpected hardship or change in your life that requires you to pick up the pieces and plan out a new strategy for moving forward.

* Adversity can cause negative repercussions in your career, relationship, and sense of self-confidence. Everyone faces adversity in one form or another.

* Common forms of adversity: Divorce, death of loved ones, chronic illnesses, disabilities, losing a job, and so on.
Concentrate On Your Goals Instead Of Your Hardship

* Don’t let yourself dwell for too long on the negativity that has attacked your life. Instead, try to think positively about the constructive ways you’re going to react to your situation.

* Task yourself with overcoming the adversity you face and eventually showing others how to do the same.

* It helps to inventory the benefits that hardship may have given to you. Maybe you’ve had to get closer to your relatives or friends. Maybe your challenges have forced you to think creatively and draw on new resources. Maybe hardship has given you the opportunity to start over with a clean slate.
Catalog Your Accomplishments; Review Them Regularly

* Start your day off by taking a moment to write down a list of what you’ve accomplished. Re-read this list throughout your day – including right before bed – to remind yourself of the good you’ve done.

* You should also list your goals and use them as an opportunity to think about how you’ll get out of your hardship.

* Collect images that inspire you to push towards your goal and pictures that remind you of happy times. Combine these into a vision board to help motivate you.
Remember That All Things Are Temporary – Including Adversity

* Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that things will be awful forever. They won’t, you’ll pass through this.

* Embrace your future with optimism. Think about how much you still have to do and all of the people you’re going to meet.

* Try this affirmation: “I’m in this situation so that I can learn something. Once I have, I’ll be ready to move on to greater things. I’m excited to find out what comes next!”
Trust Your Instincts

* Listen to your own voices instead of soliciting advice in these trying times.

* Pay attention to your daily routine. Which parts feel right? Which parts trouble you? Are you changing things for the better or spending too much time in ways that depress you?
Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor

* You don’t need to face your challenges with stone-faced grimness every hour of the day. Make sure you give yourself at least one opportunity to laugh every day. This makes it easier to heal the emotional pain caused by your situation.

* Take a look back at any journals or diaries from your younger days. Think about how much you’ve changed since writing them. Then think about how much you’ll be changing in the future: You’re always evolving!

* Be thankful for the things you’ve learned and for the opportunity to keep on learning and growing.
Final Thoughts

As you cultivate a positive attitude in the face of adversity, you’ll discover that it’s easier than you thought to survive and thrive under challenging conditions. Best of all, you’ll be better prepared for the future and you’ll find the next set of challenges easier to handle!