Lessons On Getting Past Regret

Lessons On Getting Past Regret

Filling your life up with too many regrets isn’t a good idea. It doesn’t help you to fixate on things you shouldn’t have done or opportunities you neglected to take. If you want to live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life, it’s important to understand regret and how to steer yourself clear of it.
Regret Defined

* Regret is a sense of remorse you feel about an action taken or not taken in the past that can continue all your life – if you let it.

* You may particularly find yourself regretting actions that ended up disappointing or hurting other people. Examples would include cheating on a lover, giving up a promising job, or advising someone against taking a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Regrets that you don’t process can end up holding you back as though you were emotionally frozen.
Putting Emotional Pain Behind You

* Regaining your emotional balance is largely a matter of looking at control. What factors are in your control and what factors are beyond it? Depending on the particular situation, some aspects of your regret may be due to circumstances you don’t have the power to change.

* Remember that you do always have control over your thoughts. Use it!

* Try repeating this affirmation to bring closure to relationships that have ended: “I am letting go of the bad memories and focusing on the good times we shared. I learned a great deal from you and I hope you are well in the future, but now it’s time to say goodbye.”

* Inject a little novelty into your daily routine. Try doing your grocery shopping at a different store or switching to a new exercise class at your gym. This might even be the time to make a dietary shift – if you’ve been considering going vegetarian, there’s no time like the present!
How To Make The Most Of The Present

* Looking for a way to get over negative emotions? Become a shower singer! Sing your heart out whenever you’re alone – you’ll be amazed at how effective it can be in lifting your spirits and making you feel positive.

* Pay attention to your appearance. Start off by wearing your best clothes and then try making further improvements. Get a fresh hairstyle or pick up a brand-new outfit on the weekend. Looking your best can give you a big boost of self-confidence.

* Surprise yourself by tackling a challenge you aren’t sure you can complete. Put yourself in a situation that you find at least a little bit scary and watch yourself excel. Try cutting sugar out of your diet to figure out how it changes your energy and your body or apply for a new job that will stretch your abilities to their very utmost.
Final Words

Regret is a very common emotion, and most people have experience with it. You won’t find regret to be overpowering if you understand how to keep your thoughts positive and your life moving forward when regrets start challenging you. Make use of the suggestions provided here to bolster your confidence, draw on your inner strength, and feel as empowered as you deserve to be!